November Highlights

November Highlights

Innistrad: Crimson Vow Pre-Release – Join us for the latest set Innistrad: Crimson Vow. Each participant will receive a sealed pre-release kit including a special promo.

12th – 11 pm – $25

13th – 1 pm – $30

14th – 1 pm – $30

2021 Store Championship

Battle friends and compete in Modern format to take home exclusive promo cards in an event to be the champion where you play most. Everyone who participates takes home Arbor Elf (while supplies last).Collected Company is awarded to the players in the Top 8, and the winner takes home Wurmcoil Engine. Top 3 will receive a Dragon Shield Custom Trophy.

Payout: 1st – $250;

2nd $150;

3rd – 4th – $50

December 5th – 11 am Registration

Event starts at noon

*Additional prize support will be added based on attendance*

Commander Night/Commander

Every Thursday starts at 5 pm on Thursday; Commander Night is $10 per week. See store associate for more detail.

MTG – Modern

Every Wednesday at 5 pm; Saturday at 6 pm

entry – $10

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