Smash at Elemental IV

By elementalgames | August 1, 2019

Join us on August 10th for Smash Tournament and some free grilled food.

Pre-registration is Working now

By elementalgames | May 29, 2019

Thank You for your patience

Problems with Pre-registration

By elementalgames | May 29, 2019

Right now we are experiencing technical difficulties with our website please call in and pre-register for the Star City Invitational 320-219-6700 Sorry for inconvenience

Modern Horizons Pre-order

By elementalgames | May 25, 2019

Sold out of all boosters boxes at the 189.99 price. Still have booster at 199.99 for a limited time call to Pre-order your booster boxes now!

Introducing Elemental Games Cyber Cafe

By elementalgames | May 17, 2019

Elemental Games is proud to introduce our new cyber cafe and gaming stations. Consisting of 4 Gaming PCs and 4 Xbox One/ Nintendo Switch stations. $6 per hour. 3, 5, and 8 hour punch cards available for $15, $25, and $35.

Pre-order Modern Horizons

By elementalgames | May 17, 2019

Pre-order price of $189.99 Per booster box. While supplies last. Release Date June 14th, 2019.


By elementalgames | January 9, 2019

Pre order Ravnica Allegiance booster boxes for a low $95.99 + Shipping

Ultimate Masters Release 12/7/18

By elementalgames | November 30, 2018

Dont forget to stock up on your Ultimate Masters boxes and packs while supplies last. Each booster box you buy will include one Rare Box Topper with exclusive full art foil card. This set provides some of the most wanted cards in Modern. The release date is going to be 12/7/18. We will also be…